Back to School Special!


Come Celebrate with us!

Happy 14 Years to Mind Your Body Challenge!

When: July 14th -22nd  2019

How to WIN: Complete all 8 classes in 8 days (in any order) 3 classes cardio, 2 strength, and 3 flexibility for 30-60 mins to be entered to win fabulous prizes!        CARDS MUST BE INITIALED BY INSTRUCTORS

Be one of the first 14 people to register and pay $14 for the punch card! 

After the lucky 14 the punch card is $25

Register at MYB, Therapy Links, or Powerhouse Studio.

(not included: $9 Geronimo's Gym fee and $7 Lava Hot Springs pool fee)

See above flyer for classes or click the link below



Happy14 to MYB (pdf)