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When: March 1st - 31st, 2020

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Massage & COVID-19

Massage & COVID-19

 Some questions you may have regarding your upcoming massage appointments or future scheduling.

How do you sanitize?

I have always cleaned the room and sanitized between appointments, and will continue to do so. By cleaning any and all tools used during the appointment with hot water and soap, changing sheets, airing out room between appointments with open door, and sanitizing surface areas with Lysol.

Do you treat clients who are sick?

NO, if you are ever sick in ANY way, DO NOT come in. I have always required this of clients and myself to reduce the spread of ANY sickness.

Does massage help overcome sickness?

NO, there are several contraindications of receiving massages while sick. Massage activates increased blood flow and helps to drain lymph because of this it can make you even more sick. By draining the lymph into a faster blood flow, the virus can travel faster than if you let your body do the work at rest. Thus, you can become more severally sick.

BUT massage is beneficial after you have healed from the sickness and are no longer contagious. Although again because we help the lymphatic system drain any lingering by-products of the virus in the lymph can give you the symptoms you had when sick.

What if it I think it is just allergies?

Usually, I trust clients to know and be honest if they are actually having seasonal allergies verses being sick and will work on them. BUT, because of the minimal symptoms of COVID-19 seen in healthy people you could be a carrier of COVID-19 and not know. PLEASE stay home. Otherwise, you will put people at risk.

Can essential oils benefit sickness?

Essential oils do not claim to cure all or be completely full proof. Everyone reacts differently to their use. IF requested I can use my immune boosting essential oils during your massage.

Can you do in home massages?

Yes, if you do not want to venture out of your home, I do offer in home massage for an additional $20. I will allow the use of gift certificates and packages to be used at this time for in home massage with the additional set up fee of $20. (I reserve the right to change this offer at any time)

BUT if you are sick or any member of your family is sick - I CAN NOT provide this service to you. As a courtesy I will also keep you informed if I have become exposed to the virus or had lots of contact with people.

What are the risks?

Just like any other sickness, the common cold etc. I can not guarantee that you will not come into contact with these viruses/diseases/ etc. That is a risk you accept every time you exit your home. I will do my best to keep things clean and sanitized as I always do, but there is still a risk because I cannot control other people’s actions. You accept this risk when you schedule and keep your massage appointments.

What are you (Jessica, LMT) doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

I am doing everything I can to stay informed and ahead of this pandemic. I am limiting the amount of time I spend in largely populated public areas. I continue to wash my hands and sanitize my home and studio space. I have asked those who may be at risk or put others at risk to stay home. I avoid those who I know are sick (with or without COVID-19). I will also be limiting the amount of massages I will do each day to reduce the amount of traffic in my studio.

What do I expect from my clients?

I ask each of you to be respectful of those around you. If you have high contact with masses of people please consider rescheduling. If you think you are coming down with something, please STAY HOME. If you think you will be putting others at risk please stay home.

If you have more questions please feel free to message me.

Be Wise, Stay Calm, and Enjoy the Sunshine!


Jessica Kowallis Rex, LMT