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Massage Therapy

 Discover how massage is not just a luxury, it is maintenance for your body and mind.  At Mind Your Body you will experience a luxurious and relaxing massage that will revitalize your body and quiet your mind. Please contact our talented Massage Therapist to schedule your massage today. 

Meet Our Massage Therapist and Foot Zoner

Kowallis Therapeutic Massage


Jessica Kowallis has been practicing as a licensed massage therapist starting in the summer of 2014. Starting her own business of massage therapy in Pocatello 2018.

"There is fulfillment and joy helping people on their health journey"

 -Jessica K

Becki Parks - Foot Zoner


Hand Heart & Soul Foot Zoning

Phone: (208) 220-2796

Email: beckifootzoning@gmail.com 

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