Lava Hot Springs Retreat


 DATE: 28th Sept 2019 

TIME: All Day Event
WHERE: Lava Hot Springs 

(Included water therapy, gyrokinesis, and yoga!)

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The Travel Yogi with Lori


Come join us on our excursion to France!

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Water Therapy


Great low impact workout, designed for all ages, great for injury prevention and recvery.

DATES: June 7th-Aug 30th 2019 

TIMES: Fridays 9:30 - 10:30 AM

WHERE: Lava Hot Springs Olympic Pool

COST: $7.00 per session

INSTRUCTOR: Contact Lori Head (208)251-2047

Miracle Hot Springs Retreat 2019


Special Guest Kristin McGee

Mind Your Body patrons recently had the pleasure to take a class from celebrity Pilates and Yoga instructor, Kristin McGee. Here she is with MYB instructors between her wonderfully taught classes.